2 hr birthday party 
Only at ground zero!

Frequently asked questions

What is GellyBall?

Gellyball is a new game that uses a pistol style gun much like an airsoft pistol that shoots a 8mm orb. The water in an orb makes for lighter impact you can feel without pain and little mess like paintball!

Is Gellyball safe?

Gellyball uses a polmer orb that when soaked in water for 5 hours, becomes 8mm in size and disintegrates when it hits a target. The impact if felt, but no bruising like paintball or airsoft! They are bio-degradable and non-toxic.

How fast do they shoot?

Gellyballs shoot at a really fast rate of 180-220 fps

How far does the orb travel?

They are accurate up to 100 ft! They will be stronget the closer you are so most players stay spaced out as to not "feel the bump"

Does it hurt?

Not anything like paintball or airsoft, but you do "feel the bump". Players sensitive to impact games like nerf are probably not a good fit. We recommend ages 7+ but can allow as young as 5.

Do the players have protection?

Players will have a face guard. This item is required for all ages. It is included in game play as a rental. Most players love to "feel the bump", but if you have a shy or younger player, we recommend long sleeves and long pants as well.


Another Ground Zero original production

Who parties like Ground Zero? NO ONE!

It's Like a mix of Airsoft and Paintball without the mess and doesn't hurt as bad! Can you feel it? yep!

Players split up into two teams defending bases with 1,000 rounds for each player! This attraction is so much fun! Most parties add on another hour and 10,000 Gelly Bullets making their party a three hour! 

  • Up to 10 players included!!!

  • Party room rental for duration of the party

  • 32 seats / 8 tables available for party guest!

  • Up to 32 total guest allowed in!

  • Outdoor Party also available!!

  • Outside food and drinks welcomed!

  • Basic party supplies for 16 included

  • Up to 1 hr of Private Outdoor Gellyball Sessions

  • Party first your first hour, play Gellyball session the second

  • Add additional party room or arena time when booking!

  • Play separate games!

  • 10,000 Gellyballs included

  • Birthday VIP T-Shirt discount - promo found in confirmation email

  • TV in room with VIP's Name and Picture!

  • Perfect for all ages (5+  but recommended ages 7+)

  • Full arcade with air hockey, claws, basketball, pinball, racing games, ice ball, & pool table - bring some quarters!!

  • Add on time and other cool things like zombies or fog when booking!