What is Gift Card Fundraising?

The same gift cards you can buy in our stores or online 

EASY EARNING (as much as 50%!)
Each gift card has a profit percentage that goes directly to your organization upon purchase!

Schools, clubs, sports teams, church groups, more! Basically any organization with a tax number!


  • No products to handle!

  • Virtual fundraising is going to be the new trend in these trying times!

  • You can sell all over the country within seconds!

  • Easy sign up 

  • No selling junk, collecting cash, delivering

  • Make real $$$ and support local business!


Fundraise without the headaches of traditional fundraisers.


No paperwork to fill out, no cash to collect, and no product to distribute. Fundraise from anywhere.


You receive up to 50% of what you sell. No fees and no minimums to meet.


Fundraising Event is continuous. Weekly payouts. So you get your payout faster.


100% Virtual Gift Card sales 

Buyers purchase directly on site! No deliveries, paperwork, or collecting cash!


Frequently asked questions

What is Gift Card fundraising?

The same gift cards you see in our stores that you normally purchase to give to others.
Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to your organization upon purchase. THE BEST FUNDRAISING IDEA
No-selling items from a catalog, no-collecting cash, and no-delivering goods!

How Gift Card Fundraising Works...

BUY GIFT CARD Buy a gift card from Ground Zero at face value EARN CASH The sale of the gift card is immediate earning for your organization SPEND GIFT CARD Customers can use the gift card very same day!

Who is Gift Card Fundraising Right For?

-Public and Parochial Schools -Churches and Places of Worship -Sports Teams -Marching Bands and Music Groups -Extracurricular Activities -Animal Shelters -Just about any large group that nees $500-$10,000 in revenue

Are there any fees?

NO! Join out virtual fundraising and enjoy the clean and clear revenue solution without any penalties or fees related. What you sell is what you earn from!

How fast do we get paid?

We payout weekly based on previous weeks earnings. You earned $5000 last week expect to see a check by the following Friday!! It's that easy!

What is the term of the agreement?

The initial term of your agreement is 30 days. We will auto renue you promotion each month until you cancel! You can as long as you want with no end. Some events run for the entire school year.

What if I want to get out of the agreement?

No problem. We understand things happen and sometimes there are circumstances that just don't work. There are no actual contracts or written covencences.

How much do we make?

We like to think we have the easiest promotion to earn out there.... $1-$500 In Gift Cards Sold = 25% on total revenue $501-$1500 In Gift Cards Sold = 40% on total revenue $1501+ In Gift Cards Sold = 50% on total revenue

How do I get started?

If you're interested in selling the Ground Zero family entertainment virtual fundraising gift cards, please submit the application and someone will reach out shortly!

What's the max gift card someone can buy?

Great question! There is no max.... Yes, someone can buy a gift card for $300 and use it for a birthday party!

What do the virtual cards look like?

Again.. you with the awesome questions. I would have never thought to tell you without you asking about this! This is the most exciting part... We customize the e-cards to match your organization! Your logo will be on the card and what ever slogan or pic you want! Free of charge, of course!


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