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Arrival Time:
At Ground Zero, we believe in putting the "party" in priority! Our approach is to kick off the celebration first and dive into the fun later.

Why do we follow this sequence?

Well, party guests have a knack for fashionably late entrances. If you specify a starting time, they tend to arrive 15-20 minutes behind schedule every time. So, we prefer to start the festivities, allowing your guests to arrive, mingle, and get into the groove before diving into the activities. We recommend informing your guests to arrive 15 minutes before the stated party time.

Setup Time:

For most events, you can start setting up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please note that back-to-back parties might limit early arrivals, so check in advance.

If you require additional setup time, consider coordinating with us beforehand to explore any available opportunities before your official arrival.

Also, be mindful that there could be another party scheduled after yours. Timely cleanup and departure are appreciated to ensure our staff has ample time for sanitation and preparation for the next event—just as the previous party did for yours!

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