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8,000+ sq ft facility equipped with tactical style weapons and props for LEO private training sessions!

  • Private facility rental ideal for Tactical Scenarios
  • Wound simulation / tracking with real time digital tracking of kill shots and time frames 
  • Active shooter scenarios
  • Classroom  / school type props
  • Up to 40 attendees
  • Facility open on Mondays from 10am-3pm and Tuesday-Friday from 9am-3pm by appointment for LEO ONLY! Rental during these times will secure facility for private training or teaching with no outside interruptions.
  • Perfect for canine training
  • War room with TV,  tables, chairs, and privacy
  • Only $299 for 2-4 hour rental with or without equipment - NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!
Project 06

Stop wasting valuable time and money..

Imagine no more clean-up time and expense

Costs are kept down as departments won't need to buy blanks and protective gear. Clean up times are also eliminated! Spend more time training rather than setting up, maintaining, tearing down, and cleaning your training environment. 

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