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tactical lASER tAG call of duty style
birthday party 

ages 7+

"Make your birthday celebration unforgettable with Ground Zero Tactical Laser Tag Tactical Birthday Parties! Dive into the excitement with the first hour in our exclusive party room, setting the stage for an epic celebration. The fun doesn't stop there – gear up for the most popular choice of tactical laser tag competition.

Experience the thrill that has made Ground Zero a cornerstone of success, with over 250 parties and counting. Our tactical laser tag option takes birthday festivities to a whole new level, providing an adrenaline-pumping adventure for everyone involved.

Why is it the #1 party type at Ground Zero? Discover the pulse-pounding action, strategic gameplay, and unbeatable fun that have captivated partygoers from all walks of life. With cutting-edge technology and expertly designed arenas, your birthday celebration becomes a tactical mission you won't forget.

Celebrate your special day with Ground Zero Tactical Laser Tag – where excitement meets celebration! Are you ready for the ultimate birthday adventure?" 

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