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Private events only for you!

Where better to have a party.

We provide the venue + the fun, you provide the fuel for us to make it BIG! We love our Ground Zero Groups! Come play with us in a private event from 1 hr to 12 hrs and up to 60 players!

Keep in mind, the larger the group, the longer the event should be so all players get ample playing time!

More than Laser Tag!~

Ground Zero Private Parties

Why book a private event?

  • Booking this reserves the whole facility for your private event. No one is allowed in the building for other attractions. This allows for privacy and safety for you and your guest.

  • Great for sororities, team building, sports teams, church groups, company events, bachelor / bachelorette parties or just about any large group event. 

  • Price includes laser tag  + party room for event + party concierge attendant.

  • Up to 12 active participants at a time 

  • Outside food and drinks welcomed!

  • Arcade with pool tables available! Bring them quarters!

  • Use of Party room for the duration of the event!

  • 8 TABLES - 32 CHAIRS


  • Private use of the VIP room with Triva & Karaoke or Nintendo Switch Game Console (Up to a $200 Value!)

Things you can add to our 2+ hour event when booking:

  • Virtual Reality

  • Battle Ball

We can accommodate just about any size group!

We have set the player size according to time booked. Adding players to event may cause uneven players swap and uncontrollable undesirable outcomes. Ground Zero is not liable for such outcomes.





Add open bar or open refreshments tab for your event for the best guest experience!

How long would you like to play for your event?
No limit to players, but k
eep in mind, the larger the group, the longer the event should be so all players get ample playing time!

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