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Saturday JULY   15TH, 2023  9:00Pm

The official commencement of the Burlington Purge BLACKOUT NIGHT...2023

Get your tickets now!!
We always have the best time with this event!!

Imagine an adrenaline-pumping, experience where you and your friends enter a thrilling tournament set in the heart of Ground Zero. Welcome to the Purge Tournament: Tactical Laser Tag. As the ultimate test of strategy, skill, and endurance, you'll navigate our Tactical arena in almost total darkness, armed with cutting-edge gear with only 100 lives for 100 minutes. Will you survive?

With heart-pounding intensity, you'll strategically outmaneuver rival players, engaging in thrilling battles that require both precision and cunning. Each part of the arena presents unique challenges and opportunities, from tactical chokepoints to hidden passages. Utilize your wits and reflexes to dominate your opponents and secure victory.

The Purge Tournament at Ground Zero will push your limits and provide an unforgettable experience filled with competitive thrills.

Whether you're a seasoned laser tag enthusiast or a first-time participant, the Purge Tournament offers an electrifying blend of immersive gameplay, heart-racing action, and strategic decision-making. So gather your squad, step into the arena, and prepare for an epic battle that will leave you breathless and hungry for more. Are you ready to embrace the challenge of the Purge Tournament at Ground Zero?

What makes this different from the other Purges?
12 players go head to head in a FFA, individual death match for 100 min or until last one standing!
Every player starts with 100 lives, once all lives are spent, player is done! Object is to stay alive and make it through the night.
Only 12 spots open for this event!
Oh, and it will be dark. Real Dark.

Get your crew together!!! Book now to reserve your spot!!!
$50 FROM JULY 1 - JULY 15
Winner takes home $50 cash and a full month battle pass!
Runner up takes home $25 cash
Everyone who enters get a Free VR pass ($12 Value)
Must be 18+ to play with valid id!!
1. Players must wear black - Wearing anything but Black will expose you!
3. No breaks
4. Guns will be dark 

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