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Saturday Oct 1st, 2022  9:00Pm

The official commencement of the Burlington Purge...2022
14 players go head to head in a FFA, individual death match for 100 min or until last one standing!
Every player starts with 100 lives, once all lives are spent, player is done! Object is to stay alive and make it through the night.
Only 14 spots open for this event! Must have min of 10 spots secured for even to take place Get your crew together!!! Book now to reserve your spot!!! EARLY BIRD ONLY $35 TO ENTER BY SEPT 24TH!

Winner takes home a full month battle pass!
Other cash and prizes available
Must be 18+ to play with valid id!!
Rules: 1. Players must wear black 2. Some type of (purge style) mask required! 3. No breaks 4. Guns will be dark

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